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MY Services

Your haircut is an investment to yourself. Because of my attention to detail, your cut will likely last you many months and grow out seamlessly. With many different options, my offerings are a catered to your needs. 

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bang trim -$25

15 Minute Appointment

Choose this option if you just need a bang trim/fringe maintenance.


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30 Minute Appointment

Trim and refresh the bangs and sides that frame your face. This does not include trimming any length, layers or a wash.

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HAIRCUT - $125

1 Hour Appointment


Choose this option for maintaining your existing shape or for hair cuts with minor length and shape adjustments. For major changes or very thick or long hair please see transformational cut. 

High Noon Hair Assets-04-min.png

transformational haircut -$180

1 Hour 30 Minute Appointment

Choose this option for major changes in length and weight or for creating new shapes with the bangs and layers. 

If you have questions about my services, please contact me.

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